Installation Packages
• Download Artistic Halftone for MAC (Updated at May 10,2018)
• Download Artistic Halftone for WIN64 (Updated at May 10,2018)

To install the software, do the following:
1. Download the package for your system.
2. Upzip the package, and get a folder named ArtisticHalftone.
3. Move the whole ArtisticHalftone folder into Photoshop's Plug-ins folder.

The following picture shows the directory structure on Windows, and the Mac is the same. If the filter menus do not show up, or the Stochastic Screen filter doesn't work properly, please make sure that you have placed the ArtisticHalftone folder properly.


Without a license, the software runs in demo mode, blocks of the images remain unprocessed. You can buy a license and install it to remove the void blocks.

Read the page How to Install a License, and follow the directions to install your license.

Users' Manual
• Download Artistic Halftone Manual (PDF, 8.6MB)

• Download Anyscreen Samples (ZIP, 11.8MB)
• Download Stipple Samples (ZIP, 19.1MB)
• Download Texture Halftone Samples (ZIP, 4MB)
• Download Sharpen_and_Blur Action (ZIP, 4KB)